Do not hire TJ Mercer

This site refers to TJ Mercer from Leitchfield, KY.

TJ Mercer from Leitchfield, KY


  • Theft
  • Dishonesty
  • Shoddy workmanship
  • A deep lack of character

On behalf of my family, I must warn anyone who is considering trusting or hiring TJ Mercer as a contractor to think twice before doing so. Please read on for context.

What happened?

Shortly before my father passed away, TJ was hired to build a structure on our farm and was paid in advance. After many delays and terrible communication, the job was eventually started, but it soon became clear that TJ was unable to do the job correctly. A mess was made of the project and my parents kindly and sadly asked TJ to stop the work and return the remainder of the money so that another contractor could be found.

TJ immediately stopped responding to all communication and refused to return any of the $7,000 he owed. In addition, he refused to return the keys to a piece of farm equipment and the blueprints for the structure.

After reporting the theft of the keys and blueprints to law enforcement, we were finally able to get them returned. Even for that, TJ dragged his feet, eventually just leaving the items in a car where my mother had to go fetch them on her own.

Since then there has been no further response to dozens of attempts by my family to reach him via text messages and phone calls about the stolen money.

Adding insult to injury

TJ claimed to have written some poems about my dad and they were displayed at the funeral. They were plagiarized in full. Specifically, I apologize to Crystal M. Deprey. I'm sorry we did not discover the plagiarism until after incorrectly crediting TJ at the funeral. Thank you for writing such a beautiful poem.

That's how it ended

This is not the first time that TJ has proven himself to be dishonest and untrustworthy, but in my mind it is the worst, because he chose the end of my dear father's life to take advantage of him once again—a man who loved TJ like a son.